Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cultural Assassination of Niki Minaj

Arguably the most prolific MC since 50 cent, Niki Minaj joins an 'Elite Class' of 'Cultural Assassins,' so tied into the 'Business Model' of Corporate success that her 'Art' (whether consciously or unconsciously) helps to undermine teenage desires to strive for a positive value system; leading them to abandon American hallmark ideas such as abstinence, chilvary, integrity, and honor (a phenomenon destroying the quality of American life). The recent disaster of 90 teenagers pregnant at a high school, the 'baby pact girls,' and the viral fad of glue-on color wigs can be attributed to the success of Niki Lewinski; the equal and opposite reaction of her rise to superstardom. Her 'Go Hard' intensity, which translates into exaggerated sexual promiscuity, coupled with a ferocious aggression towards financial success Niki Minaj has led American teenagers down a road 'Most Traveled.' Is it possible for our culture to heal from the affects of Niki Minaj?

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