Thursday, April 30, 2009

H1N1 Leads to "Pig" Discrimination!

H1N1 Leads to "Pig" Discrimination
Health Officials have been scrambling since last week to contain the outbreak of the H1N1 virus also known as the "swine flu," a name that has sparked a controversy in itself. Many Americans have been "dumping" the pork from their diets, some saying that due to the fact that the flu originates among the pig population they are giving up pork. The spike in N1H1 cases throughout the world has not only made it a pandemic, but certain countries like Egypt have passed legislation to kill hundreds of thousands of pigs; which speaks to the fact that not only Americans are giving up the pork. Is it fair to the pig that it is being taken off of the menu of many people? Regardless of the "discrimination" against the pig, American Officials are standing up and defending the eating of pork, saying that it is ok to still eat pork even under the grip of the H1N1 flu virus. With that said; tonight I may have a pork BLT, and I will pray over the 109 current cases floating throughout the United States.
Written by Bee Quiet

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days in Power: A ++ for President Obama from the People!

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to President Barak Obama for his sound Leadership, commitment to the people, respect for all of humanity, and his complete desire to see the American people grow past the arrogance and Darwinism that has defined America. When Barak Obama took the Oath of Office during the Inauguration I began a poetry series called 100 Days of Obama: Sonnet of an African-American Presidency! Each of the poems I posted daily on, on my page (Username: BeeQuiet35). I chose to commemorate that effort here by sharing Day 1 and Day 100. Thank You President Barak Obama!

President Obama - Day 1

Commanding tone with firm eye stretched beyond
When Chief Justice Roberts forgot his lines
Two million deep, how no one could have yawned
watch how his wit and energy combines.
And look his wife our First Lady gorgeous
those two fine daughters look just like my own
a true First Family that is quite righteous
ready to help America atone.
Oh how they walked down Pennsylvania Ave
waving to the people looking stoic
finally a real black family to have
In the White House working for the people.
Capping the night with a magical dance
at each other I love the way they glance.

Written by Bee Quiet

President Obama - Day 100

Obama speaks to Missouri voters
he speaks about keeping his promises
giving the population greater hopes
many issues Obama did discuss.
Some outrageous attacks on FOX Facebook
right-wing compares Obama to Hitler
unbelievable treason - take a look
we must do something about these hecklers.
Today we celebrate 100 Days
what a journey this has been for two years
Day 1 I've been involved in many ways
our country - it moves along without fears
Obama does call his first days fruitful
for President, he was most suitable.

Written by Bee Quiet

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama = Hitler? WTF!

According to Bo Bradfute on Facebook: "They say Obama and Hitler are different, but they're wrong. If you do research on them you'll find comparisons." Unfortunately Bo was not alone in his egregious remark! Vamp Perilla joins him in his analysis: "There have been many articles written showing the similarities of Obama and Hitler! Obama could never pull off what Hitler did!!! Because he is too stupid and Americans are not brainwashed like Germans were!"
It is unbelievable that there are Americans who are this outrageous, and even though (as Bo pointed out on FOX NEWS FACEBOOK) they are entitled to freedom of speech; it is in my opinion borderline treason to attack President Obama in this fashion. Fox News should be ashamed of itself for not coming out against thesee two Facebook account holders, and these two Right-Wing American should be jailed for their treason.
President Obama has performed a stellar job in his first 100 days in office, and I am proud to honor him on this day. We Obama supporters must be vigilant throughout the entirety of our President's Administration, because with these type of hostile Americans on the loose in our country we can never sleep! Contratulations President Obama! You have an A++ in the peoples book! Thank you for upgrading our country's reputation internationally.
Written by Bee Quiet


It is not uncommon for African-American's to allow 'bitter rage' to set into their spirit so deep that 'socially egregious expressions of support' for 'controversial' members of the community is given in loud protest. The recent accolades granted to Lovelle Mixon after gunning down 4 police officers in Oakland, California harkens back to two other specific moments in black history where the community has allowed its disdain for elements within the American social order to lead them to throw their support behind individuals who took violence into their own hands. Larry Davis in 1986 who gunned down 5 police officers, and Robert Charles who in 1900 gunned down 27 whites comes to mind as I consider the following question; When should African-Americans support defensive actions enacted by the 'individual' as a rally cry against racial injustice? In this piece I will examine some of the facts surrounding these three cases, as well as comparing them to the 'bar' established by the NAACP during the civil rights movement as to who should be chosen represents the general movement of African-Americans.
In 1955 Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white citizen on a Montgomery, Alabama bus around the time the NAACP was looking for a 'test case' to present before the world in defense of black civil rights. She was later dismissed and replaced by Rosa Parks due to the organizations feeling that she wouldn't stand up to the public scrutiny; some considering that her teenage pregnancy would damage the seriousness of the case before the Supreme Court. Based on this idea that a representative for the struggle against America's denial of civil rights needed to be 'reputable' is a profound concept because it rids the movement of being 'reactionary;' basing it in a well thought out effort by an informed group of activists struggling to bring freedom to black people. I have chosen to attempt the same analysis in comapring the three cases above to determine which, if any, should be held up as 'representative' of the general struggle for civil rights within the Diaspora of the African-American struggle.
In just looking at the facts (as most lawyers in America would do) in comparison to one another, it is rather simple to isolate whether 'noble resistance' (a non-reactionary stance made from a position of ethical behavior) was apparent in any of the three cases examined. On July 23, 1900 Robert Charles was sitting on a porch in New Orleans with his roomate Leonard Prince when they were approached by Police. The encounter esculated when officers sited Charles' sudden movement as cause to physically restrain him, and action that led to a shoot out between Charles and the officers. Charles escaped, but was hunted down by police who followed a trail of blood back to his residence in which a gun battle commenced leaving two officers dead. He became the object of a city wide manhunt that eventually boxed him in to a hideout at 1208 Saratoga Street. Held up for the entire day Charles shot at least 27 whites before being burned out and killed himself, having his body mutilated by police. Lillian Jewett of Boston began the anti-lynching league in reaction to the killing of Robert Charles, and organization made popular by social activist Ida B. Wells-Barnett who hailed Charles as "The Hero of New Orleans."
On November 19, 1986 Larry Davis shot 6 New York City Police officers who raided his sisters Bronx apartment under the auspices of carrying out warrants for suspected drug activity. Many blacks throughout New York have hailed Davis up as a hero in the community due to the fact that he had specific knowledge of police corruption. After a manhunt of 17 days he was urged by the NAACP to turn himself in. Larry Davis finally concurred, but the fact remains that he was protectd in large by the African-American community who had been fed up with police brutality, and used the Larry Davis incident as a sounding board to express those frustrations.
Finally the most recent example of taking extreme defensive measures against police was on March 21, 2009 when Lovell Mixon was killed after gunning down four Oakland, California police officers (two during a traffic stop, and two SWAT members who were part of a team that eventually tracked him down to a hideout). In a series of protests organized by the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement under the leadership of Omali Yeshitela, Mixon was hailed a hero. Yeshitela, who as a result of the tremendous police corruption in Oakland, had chosen to hail this individual up regardless of the controversial rape charges surrounding him. The organization has overlooked all of the allegations levied by the police and other media outlets that have labeled Mixon a repeat criminal, choosing to call him a hero within the Oakland community for fighting back against police corruption.
In looking at each of these cases and comparing it to the 'bar' established by the NAACP in using various cases to help change the direction of America's outlook on black civil rights (as set during the Montgomery Boycott), I must say that none of them would have been able to be used as 'acceptable' for the movement. One of the precepts that was followed by powerful thinkers like W.E.B Dubois was that "the 'American Negro' must be advanced guard for the world to see...with a stalwart originality which shall unswervingly serve Negro ideals." It was the positive thinking of organizations like the NAACP that helped change the American Constitution in favor of black civil rights, and living up to the highest ideals set by upwardly mobile blacks was key. Had it not been for the honor and dignity applied to the movement; a mentality that denied even the teenage mother Claudette Colvin a leading role, the struggle may not have gained success. In light of this idea I stand in oppositionn to the reactionary mentality that has African-American people standing in defense of individuals that live under the 'cloud of criminal controversey' as worthy of representing the cause of civil and human rights for the people. Lovell Mixon, Larry Davis, and Robert Charles do not meet the 'bar' established by the NAACP due to their actions and should not be hailed up as cultural heroes. We have many men and woman to hail as representative of the movement who chose to struggle without violence; not to say that civil disobedience is not warranted at times when 'bitter rage' steps in.
Written by Bee Quiet

Monday, April 27, 2009


Sensationalism is a part of American media culture, and ever so often a polarizing issue arises that pits the two largest U.S "Culture War Factions" in immediate and hostile opposition. During the Miss USA Pageant this year that issue arose when Perez Hilton asked Miss California Carrie Prejean the following controversial question in which her response has been linked to her loss: "Vermont became the 4h state to legalize gay marriage; do you think every state should follow suit?" This would not have been an issue had it not been for the blog posted by Hilton in which he called her a B****. It is not uncommon for many women in this society to use the B-Word to describe an arrogance within one another, and in those situations it is not treated as so egregious (or at least not viewed in such hostility). It is only when large groups of women want to stand up and isolate someone (namely men) when they make the usage of the B-Word a major factor.
If we as a society have decided to ban the use of the N-Word, even among black men and women who find it's use acceptable within the confines of their own communities, then the same should apply to women (even when they are within the confines of their own 'inner group meetings'). If this will not be the case then all of the hype surrounding the Miss USA Pageant is "much ado about nothing!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Dysfunctional Family in the "Internet Matrimony Age"

In an ideal family situation a child is born from the love expressed by a husband and a wife, and through the subsequent years of his/her life, firm guidance, positive reinforcement, emotional bonding, and disciplined social development are provided by both parents. Whenever couples decide to get divorced, and one parent has to absorb the bulk responsibility of the child's needs (that must continue to be met) that ideal situation becomes "dysfunctional," which is defined as: a consequence of a social practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a social system. Overnight, a child has to readjust a previously defined social practice (getting up daily to mommy and daddy), which undermines the stability that child was accustomed to within that social system (his/her family). Though I applaud many American men and women who have been able to "replace" the "missing parent" within the daily life of the child, it is unfortunate that in the "Internet Matrimony Age" many households are only exacerbating an already dysfunctional situation when bringing a "replacement" into the house. This becomes even more problematic when the "replacement" comes in with blood on his/her hands. I will explain!

After a recent argument I had with a single mother who decided to move her "boyfriend" into her household with her 3 daughters (a man she found online and moved in after only 6 months), I was appalled at the reasoning that went into the this decision. More disturbing was the perspective of the children who began to alienate themselves from the household they once called home due to the fact that their mother was making decisions with absolutely no regard for how they felt about the situation. Unfortunately within the mind of the mother (who explained to me that she was tired of being mommy and daddy) she was convinced that as long as the man she chose to walk into her house "did as he was told" that the situation would eventually work itself out, and she would have succeeded in effectively "replacing" her ex-husband. This type of thinking is an albatross in many respects, most importantly 1) it provides the wrong message to children about what a functional relationship is, 2) it undermines their social development, and 3) it's abusive in that the person being brought into the household hasn't been properly vetted, but given the major responsibility of taking over a critical role in the child's day to day life.

It is unfortunate that in recent years many American's have made the decision to "abandon" their vows and walk out on a marriage. Whatever compels a person to run into the peril of dysfunction by walking out of a marriage built by them and their partner is one thing, but to make matters worse by moving in a "stranger" is a social condition that must be corrected in order for the child's social development to be proper. In my friend's case she allowed a man into her house who had previously "failed" at raising his own children properly, being twice divorced and having grown children who were holding onto problems of their own, that he wasn't moving to solve. This situation is egregious, and should be addressed so that future generations don't follow what seems to be in this era "commonplace."

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Some people have mastered the "plaster smile" in that every time you see them they're consistent expression begins to look more and more phony. Everyone may not see this as "scary" as I do, but personally I can't help wondering "does this person have any other emotions?" As a Beyonce critic ever since the "A-Bomb" SOLDIER, I can't remember a moment when Sasha Fierce showed anything off stage but a plastered smile; that is until recent months. This leads me to the question: Is Beyonce really happy?

Hailed as the "I'm every woman" of this era," (replacing the distraught Whitney Houston) Beyonce has probably influenced more American women then Michelle Obama. Even at the Inauguration some speculated that BEY was eyeing Barak, and possibly getting the First Lady jealous, which shows the "Sasha Fierce Effect" on American women. For a person to be held in such high regard it is not uncommon for them to maintain a certain disposition every time you see them no matter how they are "really feeling" (as in the case of Beyonce). So in pealing back some of the 'hype,' who is Beyonce; really?

A childhood prodigy of an intense father (similar to that of the Jackson's daddy), who clearly rebelled against her daddy's wishes (she married Jay Z), and promotes an alter ego; all signs of "internal emotional issues." The three most compelling pieces of evidence I have to support my theory are as follows: 1) the lyrics to FLAWS AND ALL, 2) Her emotional breakdown following the singing of the Etta James classic 'At Last,' and 3) the sheer passion on screen from her new movie Obsessed; all indications that the "I'm every woman" of this era is headed towards a major emotional breakdown. I could be wrong, but it would be wise for JAY and BEY to begin couseling just to be proactive. What do you think?

Written by Bee Quiet

Friday, April 24, 2009

No Economy for Torture Investigations

As the partisan winds begin to blow into Washington concerning the possibility of launching a Post-Bush torture investigation I would urge the Obama Administration to put the issue to rest and allow the United Nations to get involved if they deem it necessary. If the primary watchdog organization doesn't involve themselves in placing what occurred to "Enemy Combatants" while under the jurisdiction of America then why should we? Our President has made it clear during the Presidential Campaign that the 'old way of doing business in Washington" was over, and that his Administration would be the "change that America needed." The era of the proverbial "House Un-American Activities Committee's" must be buried, but more importantly "exorcised from the general American thinking. In a time of peril, where American's must remain focused on doing whatever we can to assist the government in growing the economy and reparing bipartisanship so that we have much needed unity at this juncture in history, a tribunal would be counterproductive. Only President Obama can push back the winds of decent.

It was ugly watching the images coming out of Abu Ghraib, but one thing we American civilians don't take into consideration is that the military personnel on the front line embody the rage most of us housed during and after the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans wanted blood after watching the video's of women and children firing off rifles in celebration of the attacks all throughout Afghanistan; and may have went overboard themselves in exercising a bit of extreme prejudiced when handling prisoners. Much of the water boarding and other abuses inflicted on those captured by the United States felt the weight of American aggression as channeled through those military and CIA operatives eager to "save lives." Even if there was a sadistic desire to torture them, the sheer cloak of percieved justice leaves any culpability ambiguous. The 'pausible deniability factor' any of those "to be charged with a crime" can seek refuge under would create more a political 'powder keg' then the President's Administration could handle. Therefore it would be in President Barak Obama's best interest to squash the rising tempest of tribunal screamers, seek reconciliation talks with current military and CIA personnel (so as to make the new policies of his Administration clear), and bury the thought of holding investigations completely. I wrote and performed a song called "The Crackin" after the 9/11 attacks, and the rage in my delivery was compatible with the enhanced interrogations of enemy combatants; so this American can empathize.

Written by Bee Quiet


When one has hurt tremendously there are two ways to respond when the pain has simmered to a whisper; 1) arrogance, and 2) humility. Over the years I have come across some extremely egregious stories of men sucking the lifeblood from women (or the opposite) who have put their all into a relationship, only to discover at the end of the journey that they were only being used. Imagine the humiliation of watching someone you helped build into a quality American citizen, and expecting to be a benefactor of the success generated, only to end up watching from the sideline (discarded as if you played absolutely no role in their lives). For me I often hearken back to the many moments along the journey trying to remember the "eyes" and the staged affection when the struggle was most thick, attempting to learn so as to never allow myself to be used again. In my view this is the humble reaction to being wronged; a process which leads one on a journey of rediscovery, which automatically strengthens the soul, making one whole again. The arrogant response to being wronged is laden in revenge, in that the violated takes on a cold and bitter outlook of life as they move towards hearling (with achievment replacing all else), and they tend to search for the moment to grind the "ax of their sucess" in every "face at the bottom of the well." This is a phenomena within American society as old as the colonists; one which lacks two interrelated ideas: respect and appreciation.

There have been people who have helped my life along the way, some who stand out more then others, but nonetheless all a factor in the humanism of my spirit (which I believe is the ultimate measure of worldly success). I remember one of the greatest acts of sacrifice for my development in the story of my mother Virginia Clark scrapping up all she could to rent an apartment for me in Irvington (though we already lived in Newark, and had no intentions on moving in) just so I could finish out my senior year in Irvington High School. I have tremendous regard and consideration for that act, and the subsequent appreciation I have for her every time we speak jolts me as if it were just yesterday when she put that money in that landlords hands. My respect for my mother and the appreciation for her role in my life go hand in hand, and it was many acts of selflessness as the one described above that helped me become who I am today.

The purpose of this particular blog is to show my absolute respect and appreciation for a dear friend of mine who not only has helped me edit a few stories while pushing me to the edge of debate (a practice I enjoy), but who is also responsible for bringing me into the world of blogging by sharing her knowledge every step of the way. 78msj has helped me push even further into the world of writing and this homage piece is intended to show her, and all, that giving one praise for their time invested in you is important and valuable. I have always been a humble man, and truly believe that if we don't begin to get on the fast track of showing people real respect, then we will miss the opportunity to grow as a people (as we witness the greatest example of respect and appreciation of the 21st Century: The First Family of 2009. Thank you 78msj! One Love Always! Like Aretha Franklin said: R.E.S.P.E.C.T! A concept forever linked to A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.I.O.N!

Written by Bee Quiet

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Discussing the Past with our Children

"Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times." (Machiavelli)

I find it absolutely necessary as a parent to share the many stories of my past with my children. This approach to parenting is not popular among many American parents for a variety of reasons, but in my view the education of the children who have little to no knowledge of their parent's past can be developmentally problematic. We as parent's have made mistakes in our lives that many of our children are making as we speak. Most parents can listen to the stories of their children and smile in nostalgia, knowing that they have experienced those very things when they were 'that age.' In those times the 'teachable moment' becomes profound, and it provides an opportunity to share some valuable insight so that the children are just that much more equipped to make great decisions in their lives. In the spirit of practicing what I share I will provide a personal story of my past that relates to an issue that many of us have experienced growing up; an issue that a couple of my students had shared with me last year which brought on a memory; shoplifting.

When I was around the age of 12 and 13 years old one thing me and my cousins always wanted to do was "go to the store." In those days (and it wasn't that long many of the small corner stores and more extensive supermarkets sold penny candy and cookies, specifically marketed to my age group. Some kids always had loose change, and some even dollar bills in order to be able to purchase whatever snack items they desired. Even though I generally had change to spend as well, I got into the habit of going to the local markets (where security was limited to a lookout at the door) and would shoplift. The reason this particular time stands out is because I had cousins who would prepare small meals right in the supermarket (rip open a loaf of bread and extract a few slices, travel to the meats and cheeses for a healthy addition, and then top it off with the mayo or mustard). I found this quite extraordinary, and because there was always a sense of exciting mischief that came with the "thrill of the moment" we all began to acclimate ourselves into a dangerous practice that would end up biting us all; having our parents pick us up from the local authorities. What I understand now in retrospect is that many children in America experience a very similar development; and though seemingly innocent on the surface, poses an extremely serious concern which must be addressed.

According to statistics, some 1 in 11 American shoplift, which makes shoplifting the #1 property crime in the country. Along with this nearly 25% of American children shoplift; a figure that adds to the $20 billion worth of retail goods stolen each year in the United States of America. Though I am not all that concerned with the profit losses of stores and supermarkets, what I am more interested in is the message that children are picking up as they engage in such a problematic scenario. Growing up engaging in this type of activity helped to alter my behavior in ways that went against the grain of the religious learning that I was exposed to. In the end it made me less ethical as the years went on; subsequently leading to other mistakes that also flew in the face of my religious foundation; fornication and cursing to name a few. The long term consequences of developing an early habit of taking what doesn't belong to you puts one in the catagory of the American who'd rather 'cut corners in life,' as opposed to the high achiever.

I often take the time out to share the many stories like the one above with my children so that if they ever came across situations like I discussed, they at least have a voice a reason ringing in their ear during those moments of weakness. I believe it is absolutely important to the development of children if they know that what they do when with peers is no different (in many cases) from what we did as children. Their knowledge of what happened in the 'past' of their parents is as valuable as what they learn in school because it helps keeps their 'moral clock' rotating in the path of righteousness; a road we want all of our children to travel.

Written by Bee Quiet

Black Love

Lumpenproletariat Relationships

When American's begin to speak of love and relationships I tend to cringe a little, throwing up a proverbial "Berlin Wall" because fundamentally I believe it is impossible to be a citizen in this particular environment and achieve love; it's a contradiction. Though many sensationalists will immediately react to my principle thesis, I would urge those readers to indulge me for a moment as I seek to establish a set of facts which help to support my idea. First, the vast majority of American's rely on their "labor salability" in order to finance a basic living, providing themselves with shelter, food, clothing, and transportation, which constitutes the first priority of all American's. Secondly, we live in a country that actively practices the concept of Social Darwinism - a philosophy of "survival of the fittest;" or one which places the blame for failure on an American's own lack of initiative and/or inability to secure an opportunity in an environment of tremendous resources. The final fact I would like to establish, so as to argue the point that true love is impossible in American society, cultural racism (the biggest factor in the polarizing of the population) reinforces the measures taken to keep the people at the bottom of the social order "in place;" forcing them to rush into haphazard unions easily severed when new opportunities arise (a condition that weakens the institution of marriage fundamentally). It is the above facts that in my humble opinion creates a host of "Lumpenproletariat Relationships," which are more rooted in lust then love, which is possibly why the American divorce rate is among the highest in the world, and we are seeing a rise in egregious reality dating shows such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, I Love New York, The Bachelor, The Cougar, and For the Love of Ray J; each representing a "Social Atomic Bomb" within a volatile American society.

One of the phenomenon that we are witnessing within our society is the fracturing of the American economy as the jobless rate has grown to over 6 million Americans. We are witnessing a rise in violent crimes of necessity, bank robberies by grandmothers and other women, and a collapse in the housing market, which is increasing the rate of homelessness in the country, all phenomenona directly connected to a failing banking system. What this boils down to is an inability of many American's secure the basic necessities of life, or a serious reduction in spending patterns (which have been outrageous over the past two decades); which ironically affects the way American's interact with one another. This problem affects the single mother within American society the most due to the fact that there is no pain (in my view) greater then a parent watching thier children "do without." It is not uncommon for struggling people to live by a "by any means necessary" attitude, putting them on the hunt for greater opportunity as they struggle for survival. If financial problems have the power to split people up, is it then possible to believe that struggling people can selflessly love? What about single parents?

Along with the above ideas think for a moment how the concept of 'survival of the fittest' works into the thinking of the struggling American. I believe that in times of financial crisis it is not uncommon for people to use whatever it is that they have available to them in order to 'barter' for basic needs. During a trip to South Africa I encountered two heart wrenching situations that helped to reinforce my belief that necessity often breeds decadence: 1) the extraordinary phenomenon of women leaving their villages as early as 4a.m in the morning in order to travel hundreds of miles by bus in order to prostitute for minimum reasources, and 2) the unbelievable 'cab wars' in which transport companies had shoot outs if their turf was being worked by the "enemy." When applying this phenomenon to the American situation, we live in a country that lives by the conept of "sex sells;" and the American's tht this benefits are those who are desired most. In this environment many women turn to prostitution; especially those who struggle the greatest, or are in positions where they are relied upon (predominately within the lumpenproletariat). Is it possible for love or a developing relationship to exist with these types of scenario's present?

Racism has been polarizing American's since the slave ships landed on these shores, and to hold a view today that the thinking that breeds within Americans in delusional. Until the American Government has figured out a way to provide the basic necessities of life to all of its citizens racism will always be a factor within the American landscape, which means some will secure a living, and some will not; a condition that in my view unacceptable considering how this country began. It is impossible for true love to grow within such a socially hostile society.

One thing I enjoy about the American spirit is that we always remain optimistic about the possibilities of the future. The fact that we have an amazing example of love within the image of President Barak Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama is evidence of the potential of all American's to capture what they have. I would urge all American's (especially African-American's) to read both "Dreams of My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope;" along with Steve Harvey's new book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." We can make love possible in this environment if we qualitatively change our point of view about how to be 'our brothers keeper.'

Written by Bee Quiet

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dismissing the Deadbeat Rhetoric:

Reclaiming a Legacy

President Barak Obama stated during the 2009 election campaign that "black men must begin to take better care of their children." What I enjoyed most about President Obama's suggestion as he mentioned such an intense issue was the fact that there was no condescension in his tone. It is unfortunate that black men have collectively "dropped the ball" over the past several decades, but I want to focus on the question "what must be done so that we collectively begin to reclaim the legacy we abandoned?" I believe that our President is more concerned with reversing the egregious downward slop present in black communities, opting for solutions to the problem, not regurgitations of the "old arguments" that keep us polarized (nevertheless I would like to take the opportunity to extend a devout appreciation to all black women for staying the course with our children; we wouldn't be here without your dedication). With that said I would like to pose three measures that I believe will reverse the underdevelopment black men experiencing, so that we may collectively reclaim our legacy.

I believe that the greatest problem African-American people have suffered from as a collective (an issue that has driven many black men from their families) has been our financial insecurity. As a result there are an inexplicable nunber of single parent homes within the black community; many in which are living on minimal resources generated by one source of income. In order to produce a qualitative change of condition within the black community I believe the government must redevelop the welfare/relief system (for blacks specifically) for a designated period of time, to ensure positive development. This part of the plan may fly directly in the face of conservative ideology, but the times are dire, and to allow the "scapegoat thinking" employed by the Nazis in mid-20th century can only lead to violence and disaster. Providing single black parents benefits to be consistent until the child or children turn 18 will eliminate much of the financial burden on these courageous parents (but they must also be able to work, go to school, or even marry without thier benefits being interrupted).

Racial Profiling has been practiced throughout many police agencies throughout America, leading to an imbalanced number of black men having their driving privileges stripped away. Black people who have lost their driver's license should be exonerated of all charges and be reinstated. In this society all people need to be able to transport themselves if and when they can afford it, and should never have that right stripped from them. The only thing that should affect an American's driving freedom should be some for of substance abuse that places them and others at risk.

Finally, black American's should be granted as much assistance as possible to have access to higher froms of education. I believe this not only increases the competence of blacks, but of all Americans. This will increase the security of Americans so as to increase the desire of employers to hire the best man for the job. A healthier populace may reduce our preoccupation with digging through "background checks" that end up holding people accountable for things that happened in their past.

I believe that African-American people can begin to develop over the course of the next two decades if we were to invest in these areas; helping ultimately to reduce the number of "Deadbeat Parents" and lead the African-American male towards reclaiming the legacy we have collectively abandoned. What better way to help the President change the dynamic of American society, rebuilding this economy and social order.

Written by Bee Quiet

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Tea Party Dissenters Vs. President Obama Loyalists

The Tea Party Dissenters Vs. President Obama Loyalists

Written by Bee Quiet

The growing tension between the GOP and the Democratic Party is beginning to reach a summit, and what is most disturbing is the brewing clash between Republican supporters as embodied by the Tea Party Dissenter's Movement and the President Obama Loyalists. What is most sad about this budding phenomenon is that the issues causing so much controversy (both stimulus packages, the Obama budget, and the President's desire for international respect) are being reacted to without most Americans even understanding the proverbial "Method to Obama's Madness! There is a very specific root to President Obama's philosophical approach towards American economic development that many in the media and the public are missing; and unfortunately if the hostility continues to grow the country will 'shoot it's own self in the foot." In this short blog I will attempt to shed some light on the overarching ideas that I believe President Obama appears to be investing our government in; which if not understood by the Tea Party Dissenter's, could grossly affect his plan.

Our President understood upon setting off for the office of President of the United States that former President George Bush had egregiously sank our government inside a ditch. International arrogance, which affected American relations abroad, massive spending that shot out of control with an 'off course war' in Iraq, and a No Child Left Behind policy responsible for exacerbating already damaged relations between teachers and administrators left our country in 'critical condition.' The Obama philosophy designed to 'jump start' the American vehicle left abandoned on the road of history was not only the boldest plan of any President in the last three Administrations, but it is the only plan with the power to move our country well into the 21st Century as a continued superpower. The stimulus injection Obama pushed into the American economy 'for the people' was the match to former President Bush's 'business stimulus (both representative of the GOP and Democratic ideologies indicative of their parties). This was necessary in our country as the people were feeling the squeeze created by the Bush Administration failures, but philosophically Obama is counting on the people to step up and change some of the behaviors that allowed the issues in our country to get out of control in the first place; our people tend to live above their means as the government did.

The Obama stimulus, in collaboration with the budget, are intended to work like the jump starting of a car in that once the core of the American people are back in the mix of working (building roads and bridges, volunteering with stipends, going back to school, and getting more healthy) business will eventually step back up to the plate and our country will begin to drive again. It's a philosophical conviction that our President is invested in, and it partly relies on the American people to be optimistic and supportive of the process. What the Tea Party Dissenters are doing is counterproductive to the Obama plan, which as a result of the sensationalism and unpatriotic reactions can stand in the way of our President's plan for American growth. This is absolutely unfair to the children of our nations future, because many adults are behaving link spoiled kids angry because they didn't get their way. Just imagine a healthier American populace that begins to not only live within their means, but also invests more within the education system, green economy, and health care; we would begin to see the dividends and returns that come with a higher quality thinking. This is the essence of the Obama philosophy. If we as populace (all of us; GOP and Democrats, young and old, black and white, Tea Party Dissenters and President Obama Loyalists) begin to better understand what our President is attempting we may land on a star as a country as he shoots for the moon.

We as American's must play our part more effectively. Rhetoric belchers like Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Joe the Plummer, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich are pushing the GOP and it's supporters (Tea Party Dissenters) down the wrong path. Why not give our President the benefit of the doubt for at least the entirety of his first term? The argument being made against this is egregious and borderline treacherous.

Written by Bee Quiet