Friday, April 24, 2009

No Economy for Torture Investigations

As the partisan winds begin to blow into Washington concerning the possibility of launching a Post-Bush torture investigation I would urge the Obama Administration to put the issue to rest and allow the United Nations to get involved if they deem it necessary. If the primary watchdog organization doesn't involve themselves in placing what occurred to "Enemy Combatants" while under the jurisdiction of America then why should we? Our President has made it clear during the Presidential Campaign that the 'old way of doing business in Washington" was over, and that his Administration would be the "change that America needed." The era of the proverbial "House Un-American Activities Committee's" must be buried, but more importantly "exorcised from the general American thinking. In a time of peril, where American's must remain focused on doing whatever we can to assist the government in growing the economy and reparing bipartisanship so that we have much needed unity at this juncture in history, a tribunal would be counterproductive. Only President Obama can push back the winds of decent.

It was ugly watching the images coming out of Abu Ghraib, but one thing we American civilians don't take into consideration is that the military personnel on the front line embody the rage most of us housed during and after the 9/11 attacks. Many Americans wanted blood after watching the video's of women and children firing off rifles in celebration of the attacks all throughout Afghanistan; and may have went overboard themselves in exercising a bit of extreme prejudiced when handling prisoners. Much of the water boarding and other abuses inflicted on those captured by the United States felt the weight of American aggression as channeled through those military and CIA operatives eager to "save lives." Even if there was a sadistic desire to torture them, the sheer cloak of percieved justice leaves any culpability ambiguous. The 'pausible deniability factor' any of those "to be charged with a crime" can seek refuge under would create more a political 'powder keg' then the President's Administration could handle. Therefore it would be in President Barak Obama's best interest to squash the rising tempest of tribunal screamers, seek reconciliation talks with current military and CIA personnel (so as to make the new policies of his Administration clear), and bury the thought of holding investigations completely. I wrote and performed a song called "The Crackin" after the 9/11 attacks, and the rage in my delivery was compatible with the enhanced interrogations of enemy combatants; so this American can empathize.

Written by Bee Quiet

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