Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days in Power: A ++ for President Obama from the People!

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to President Barak Obama for his sound Leadership, commitment to the people, respect for all of humanity, and his complete desire to see the American people grow past the arrogance and Darwinism that has defined America. When Barak Obama took the Oath of Office during the Inauguration I began a poetry series called 100 Days of Obama: Sonnet of an African-American Presidency! Each of the poems I posted daily on, on my page (Username: BeeQuiet35). I chose to commemorate that effort here by sharing Day 1 and Day 100. Thank You President Barak Obama!

President Obama - Day 1

Commanding tone with firm eye stretched beyond
When Chief Justice Roberts forgot his lines
Two million deep, how no one could have yawned
watch how his wit and energy combines.
And look his wife our First Lady gorgeous
those two fine daughters look just like my own
a true First Family that is quite righteous
ready to help America atone.
Oh how they walked down Pennsylvania Ave
waving to the people looking stoic
finally a real black family to have
In the White House working for the people.
Capping the night with a magical dance
at each other I love the way they glance.

Written by Bee Quiet

President Obama - Day 100

Obama speaks to Missouri voters
he speaks about keeping his promises
giving the population greater hopes
many issues Obama did discuss.
Some outrageous attacks on FOX Facebook
right-wing compares Obama to Hitler
unbelievable treason - take a look
we must do something about these hecklers.
Today we celebrate 100 Days
what a journey this has been for two years
Day 1 I've been involved in many ways
our country - it moves along without fears
Obama does call his first days fruitful
for President, he was most suitable.

Written by Bee Quiet


  1. Well, having served in the military I believe we should all support our president to some degree no matter what. I pray each night that he makes wise and sound decisions and for his health and well being.

    I can't say I agree with your assesment, but I also think there is a wide gap in the view of the people when it comes to our president. There are those who love him, and those who are very upset with him. The ones who hate him, well, I think they need to take a breath and remember he is our president.

    Personally, I would give him a C+. I think he has done a very poor job on his cabinet. He is surrounding himself (internally) with the corrupt Chicago political machine. Trust me, I live in Illinois and have seen what these guys do. It is ugly. I think he is too trusting of these people and is not fully aware of their character. I also think his staff is performing horribly with their vetting. I have never seen a president have so many appointees with so many skeletons in their closet. Its like they are all afraid to talk because a bone might fly out of their mouth.

    I also think his performance internationally is bad. I follow international news every day and it is not good to have our president mocked consistantly. Our press core does not show what others are saying. Recently even the BBC called him a meek puppy who seems more like Tiny Tim than a world leader. Not good.

    Economically, don't get me started. We are having to borrow more than $150 billion a month for the next 3 years minimum just to pay interest on the stimulus and tarp. (I know Bush was responsible for TARP, but Obama did support it as a member of congress, he shares in that disaster like all the other politicians.) Add to it the president's wish list spending spree he is calling a budget and we are looking at inflation that will totally devistate the middle and lower class within the next four years.
    Think about it. If they taxed the rich at 100% over the next 10 years they could still not even pay the interest on the stimulus and tarp, not alone the proposed budget. Our taxes will soar in two years, they have to.
    I know we all want to see our health care system fixed, but now is not the time for it. Our financial system is still in shambles and it is about to get worse. The credit bubble has yet to burst, it will soon. When it does we will be thrust right back into the deep pit we are in now.
    We need to focus on the problem, now try to save dying businesses. Look at the bailout of the auto industry. We spent billions of dollars and they are both going to go bankrupt anyways. The president chastizes the debt holders of Chrysler, yet has anyone researched why they held out? The president offered the Unions 50% of the debt they were owed. He offered the senior debt holders 23%. The senior holders are not hedge funds. I now that because my great uncle is one of them. These "hedge funds" are held by groups of simple people that depend on that debt for retirement and they are expected to accept 23 cents on the dollar? Wow.
    No, we are spending money too fast, and the president is not going to slow down. I wish he would just take a breath and look at the situation in a new way. The debt we are accruing will trouble this country for decades. He is the right man, but doing the wrong thing. He has the leadership ability to rally us and lift us out of this, but he is surrounded by the wrong people.

  2. Ok, I might have to drop that to a C-. Did you hear about the plan by Dick Durbin (D) Illinois? He proposed a plan that was accepted and given the nod by the President that would wipe out a program that gives 1700 poor minority children the ability to attend private schools in the DC area. This includes classmates of the President's own children. One of the young girls wrote the president asking him not to allow this as she will have to attend schools that do not have the educational programs that will allow her to persue college. This girl is attending the same school as Sasha and Malia because of a scholarship that will be ended by the Durbin plan.
    What is he thinking? I thought he wanted programs like this? These children are currently being given a chance to succeed on their own laurels and he is allowing Congress to rip the rug out from underneath them? I can't believe this.
    I know he wants to improve regular schools, which is great! But do they have to destroy the future of these young kids in the process?