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Tribute to Aaron Douglas

The 3rd Artist in The Peoples Point of View:
Aaron Douglas
Painting #1
Into Human Bondage

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Jacob Lawrence Tribute

Painting #8
Supermarket (1994)
We give praise to Brother Jacob Lawrence for his contributions to the Black Diaspora.
Thank you Brother Lawrence

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North Korea is Trojan Horse for Pearl Harbor-Styled Chinese Attack on America

It is inconceivable for 21st Century American's to believe that China is not consciously bound for world domination; which is the next logical step since their economy and technology has been outclassing the United States these past few decades. China is allowing North Korea to blatantly violate nuclear proliferation treaties, which can be seen in it's deafening silence to North Korea's nuclear testing and missle launches; prompting the question, why? I believe that because most of the world is aware that America is torn between two wars, while in the midst of tremendous strife, China is using American standards of international behavior to bait our country towards near collapse.

What is most conceivable on the current world landscape is that America's pre-emptive strike of Iraq under the Bush Administration created an 'outlaw' mentality among many nations around the world. Iran, North Korea, Israel, and Venezuela have all responded to the aggression America has shown; mind you, while being a weaker nation then we were during WWII. More powerful nations, namely China, must be (logically speaking) sitting back watching America maneuver it's position against these 'lesser' nations, laughing over the international chess board. So when China see's two nations that it has tremendous investments in fighting over an issue as controversial as nuclear weapons (where one nation has them and the other wants them), it is logical to conclude that China is plotting a course; what is that course?

I believe that course is world domination, and what better way to begin the specific process then by using North Korea as a Trojan Horse! It is my theory that North Korea is China's Trojan Horse in that if Kim Jung-ill can bait America into a war as our nation is already fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq it makes us vulnerable internationally. China wouldn't have to strike initally; all it would have to do is wait until Iran, and then Venezuela attacks, which leads us to the critical list. This is the point when China will break it's silence, pulling every nation to the table under the auspices of International peace. China would in fact be the power player without ever firing one shot. America should be increasing the demand from China to step up to the plate and force North Korea to stand down! America fighting with North Korea is in essence standing mesmerized around the Trojan Horse; which makes our nation weaker.

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Jacob Lawrence Tribute

Painting #3
The Migration of the Negro

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Romare Bearden on Display

Piece #1
Return of the Prodigal Son 1967

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Black Art Gallery: Love Prints I

The Image of Unconditional Love resonates within this piece. What can you say about this piece?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love is a Supernova!

You ask what is love? I liken love to a supernova! When the raw energy between two people explodes, nothing can hold back the overflow of mutual emotion towards one another. If this happens before the ACT of consummation then the likelyhood of success in a long term relationship multiples exponentially; especially if the two express their love for one another in Holy Matrimony! Unfortunately SEX in American society has become as devalued as the common glass of water. Practicing celibacy might help us rebuild quality between men and woman; something we have lost in this society. It might also protect woman from falling for the SO-CALLED DEADBEAT, whom they end up giving their SEX to, and then after the baby complain about his flaws. Love can grow if we try to live within some of the traditions that helped build this country.

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100 Days of Obama

BP Member BeeQuiet35 has been selected as the winner of NewsOne's "100 Words for 100 Days" contest.
BeeQuiet35, whose real name is Bernard Wesley Clark, Jr., won $100 for writing 100 words about President Barack Obama's first 100 days in office.
"President Obama has demonstrated assertive leadership, quality decision making, innovative economic planning, and responsible international relations; all qualities that speak to his 65% approval rating in our country. At the pace our President has been moving at to pull America out of the proverbial "ditch" former-President Bush has driven our country into, I am proud to say that in just 100 days he has achieved development. I have been writing sonnets to commemorate our President's first 100 days in office, which I have been posted on Black Planet since he took office because I believe in our first African-American President."
We congratualte Mr. Clark, and thank all of the Black Planet members and NewsOne readers who contributed!
to check out the article:

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Masculinism Theory: A 21st Century Rebirth

Navigating through contemporary American society is to traverse an 'emotional mine field,' laden with many scorned souls seeking a sense of personal justice for past wrongs. Ironically, much of the burdens that befall individuals who practice impopriety, in many cases invite deception; some going as far as to allow themselves certain indulgences as fodder to intense boredom. It is this phenomenon; bawdy, lascivious, salacious, and inviting, which is predominantly responsible for the rise of decadent behavior in this country. Spiked during Feminisms third wave, when redefined sexuality, bottled in micro-politics WET the earth with a massive deluge of 'emotion;' America now teeters on the precipice of social disaster. A rebirth of Masculinism is necessary in refocusing American values. Now because I understand that on the surface this will be a controversial theory I will ask readers to propose a theory as to how we can put America back on the path towards righteousness, before I go on with this theory. Feel free to comment:


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Can a woman recognize Romance?

The moon was enchanting, and for some reason I noticed a faint silhouette towards its center that seemed to be warning me of something because that's when I heard the voices; "she's going to love it, trust me." Eventually I brushed this off as pre-date jitters, but I proceeded to the subway at 110th Street; grabbing a bushel of roses from a street vendor with one of the 7 twenties I had to spend for the entire night. I arrived at her house at around 7:45, but decided to sit there on her porch for 15 minutes because I was early and wanted to respect her wishes to be there at 8. It gave me time to run through the particulars of the date again; dinner at Burritoville, a walk along Chelsea Piers, and some Salsa dancing at the Cabana. I figured on a light cheek kiss at the end, intimate but not seductive so as to show her that I was worthy enough a gentleman to win her affection and attention so she would give me a legitimate shot at her hand in marriage. I felt that there were enough opportunities for us to get to know some things about each other, and was feeling very good when finally I stood up, dusted of my pants and suit jacket then rang the doorbell.
"Hey you, I like the suit. Charming!" she said instantly with a smile that Marlowe would have used instead of Helen in his poem 'The face that launched a thousand ships,' a smile that my eyes slightly watered it was so beautiful. I remember feeling like I was harpooned to that moon as Ahab was the object of his passion, not believing that such a woman of her intelligence and sophistication (a vice-principal with stature), would give me this chance. It wasn't insecurity that gripped me, for I was at least close to her yoke as a teacher (which I felt was nearly equal), but the fact that my three children had to give their 'green light' for me to even go on the date vs. her complete autonomy bothered me a bit. In my thinking I was asking this woman to take on four people, which I instinctively thought was unfair, but when we connected at the water cooler the week before I was compelled towards this night. "You look absolutely amazing!" I said while extending the flowers towards her, which she accepted and absorbed as I admired the elegant dress and shoes she had on, exciteed over all the attention we would be getting on the subway as we made our way to the restaurant. Initially I though about a cab, but I was uncertain how much Cabana's would be to get in so I decided not to 'splurge,' especially since I wanted to suprise my daughter with some money for the movies (single non-custodial fathers have to pay a whole lot more then the standard child support).
Suddenly, without notice a Mercedes Benz pulled up and a debonair brother pulled to a double park and blew the horn, "Can you wait for me in the car, I have to speak with him," she said to me as she handed me back the flowers and began to walk by me. "Take your time, I'll wait here. I'm not driving, were taking the subway," I said while beginning to take a seat on the porch. There was a strange pause between us, as if the silhouette on the moon had spoken up again, only this time we both heard it. She went and sat in the Benz, and I waited for nearly 20 minutes. That's when she yelled to me "Baby, I have to go somewhere really quick, I'll be right back." I had a long conversation with the moon's silhouette for quite sometime. I stood and dusted myself off again, and left for home. It was 3a.m.
Written by Bee Quiet

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it childish for a "Grown Man" to play video games?

Playing video games have been one of the most enjoyable experiences for growing boys within the past two decades. Many are led to believe that parents are motivating this type of appetite in their boys (and girls in many situations) as a result of them wanting to occupy the time of their child, so as to keep them 'busy.' As a man who grew up playing all of the classics: Double Dribble, Zelda, Metroid, John Madden Football, Tecmo Bowl, Super Pac-Man, and many others, I can legitimately say that the motivation came from housing a competitive spirit that played out among my peers; not my parents. Like Pavlov's dogs, much of contemporary male behavior has been conditioned through the years of adolescents without any notable break, in many cases carrying over well into adulthood and video games happens to be one of the biggest. So the question is, do you think it is childish for a grown man to play video games?
In my opinion I believe that it is disrespectful to walk into a man's life and begin rearranging practices without taking into consideration that there is a conditioning that has gone on over some time. Many woman throw around the attack 'aren't you a grown man,' when they are confronted with situations such as men enjoying video games. It is important for those in relationships to be more empathetic to conditioned behavior, especially that of men playing video games. It would be ideal if more Americans found reading, gardening, hiking, or fishing more enjoyable of an experience, especially men who immerse themselves in video games. I don't believe it is childish for grown men to play video games, but I do think it is childish to not allow oneself to make changes for a relationships well being.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The United Nations was asleep at the wheel? A theory!

Should the United Nations have anticipated Kim Jung-ill? The failed policies of Kim II-Sung in opting to advocate self-reliance under his Juche philosophy (shunning both Russian-styled Communism and United States-styled Capitalism), is directly responsible for the 1 million North Koreans who died of famine between 1996 - 1999. The Fascism adopted by Kim Jung-ill (similar to that of Adolph Hitler during his fierce Nazi-Propoganda campaign during the Reichtag years (1933 - 1945) was his answer to the outraged population he had to deal with due to his fathers mistake. Blaming the Free World for the tragedy that occurred under his rule within North Korea should have been anticipated by the United Nations. Now as the extremism is far out of control within North Korea (as indicated by it's refusal to follow the International rules outlined by the leaders of the Free World) the only measures that will 'chain' the aggression of Kim-Jung-ill without risking war is a covert operation designed at neutralizing Kim Jung-ill himself.

Similar to the campaign to capture and prosecute Manuel Noriega, Kim Jung-ill must be physically removed from power, and diplomatic efforts must be provided to the people of North Korea to assist them in establishing a government by and for themselves. Unfortunately it is the only course of action at the present moment to tame the commitment of North Korea to achieve nuclear weapons capability, mainly because their back is against the wall and this gives them a powerful voice to negotiate a powerful place within the world community.

Written by Bee Quiet

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Absolute Praise to Single Parents!

It saddens me when the average cultural critic has a limited understanding of the full dynamic surrounding single custodial mothers (or fathers) who don't have the benefit of raising her (or his) child/children with the help of a counterpart. Unless one has been responsible for the day to day management of another 'life' that is totally dependent (and in constant need of love), then it is impossible for them to empathize with the plight. When tension rises within the household to the point where a custodial parent is set to 'implode' (an explosion affects the child's development and would be egregious). getting away for even a brief moment (to cool off) is not always a simple task. Many single parents make mistakes during these moments of 'extreme pressure' (some even showing out at a club after leaving their child/children with parents and some having unbridled sex to ease the inner rage), but the fact that they are teaching the next generation continuously, often escapes us. As a result of my desire to see all Americans develop cultrally, it is important to begin the process with complete respect and admiration for the single parents on the front line of American development.

With that said I would like to propose the following ideas to President Barak Obama and the greater American public (a plan that in my opinion complements the overall development of a better country):

1) Single parents (all of them regardless of culture) who are currently raising children should be granted welfare benefits to replace the absent 'counterparts' from their children's lives; while being able to build their own lives without regulation (I.e., being capable of working, going to school, or even marrying without their benefits being interrupted until the children turn 18)

2) American's who have lost their driving privileges should be exonerated of all charges and have their licenses reinstated (it is high time that driving become a right and not a privilage; the only thing that should affect an American's driving freedom is DUI)

3) Black American's should be granted as much assistance as possible to have access to higher forms of education (as replacement for the 40 acres and a mule promised).

4) America should become more competent by putting the best man/woman for the job in play; which can occur if our nation gets rid of the 'background check politics' that holds people accountable for things that happen in their past.

With these ideas infused into the Obama Administration thinking, I believe that American people can begin to develop a more quality culture over the next two decades.

Written by Bee Quiet

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Going Back to Church! A Recipe for Empowerment!

It is high time that African-American's begin to seriously consider a resurgence in the greater church community so as to help propel our children into the 21st Century with a greater 'moral clock' then the last generation. The only way to INSURE an upward trend in our children taking the church more seriously is if parent's begin to work the church into their lives more intimately. One thing I fundamentally believe is that the vast majority of African-American parents wish the absoulute best for their children in the future of this country. Many of us know that the past few decades for our people in this nation has been tumultuous and we have not always held up the highest of standards among our own. Putting our trust in the Ministers and Ministries across the country with the purpose of teaching our children to listen to their inner moral clock better is worth our support and commitment; regardless of one's personal disagreements. Let me explain!

Though my beliefs tend to be very radical, I would never force my ideas on my children! What helped me survive in my time is not necessarily what my daughters and son will need for their own survival among the peers they compete with. Greater personal responsibility, multiculturalism, social and cultural acceptance of homosexuality, and an intense interest in technological advances are all part of the 'equipment' they will need in this century; all areas my generartion weren't particularly acculturated in. Though many of us parents take an interest in these areas some don't, but nonetheless we share the common thread of desire to make certain that our children are competitive in this millennium. One way to give then a decent foundation so that they avoid some of the pitfalls that our generation fell in (drugs, teenage pregnancy, clubbing) is to acculturate them into the sanctity of the religious experience through the teaching and social networks of the Christian church. A focus on humility, decency, abstinence, and the cherishing of one's body as a temple are all indicative of the Christian learning experience, and will greatly benefit our children's development of a quality moral compass. In this father's view it would be a recipe for empowerment if we collectively put more focus and commitment into the Christian church environment.

Written by Bee Quiet

Monday, May 4, 2009


One of the most dangerous images on the Plantation in America was the HANGMAN'S NOOSE; far more terrifying then that of the BULLWHIP. When a slave master prepared a noose, it almost surely indicated that a killing was near, which sent the slaves running for dear life. Though slavery has been abandoned in America since the Civil War I wonder if there was any lingering insecurity within the black community that has African-American men AFRAID of conservative society? This brings me to the question: Is there a link between black men not wanting to wear necktie's and the legacy of the Hangman's noose?
One of the most important people to study when trying to determine the long life of disenfranchisement of the former slave in America is Willie Lynch. A British slave owner in the West Indies, Lynch delivered a powerful speech to Southern Plantation masters along the bank of the James River in the Virginia colony in 1712. Terrified over the nearly 500 violent slave revolts and seeking a proven way to 'break' the black slave, Lynch said:
I have a fool-proof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee everyone of you that if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 years. My method is simple, any member of your family or any overseer can use it. Take the meanest and most restless nigger, strip him of his clothes in front of the remaining male niggers, the female, and the nigger infant, tar and feather him, tie each leg to a different horse faced in opposite directions, set him a fire and beat both horses to pull him apart in front of the remaining niggers. The next step is to take a bull whip and beat the remaining nigger male to the point of death, in front of the female and the infant. Don't kill him, but put the fear of God in him, for he can be useful for future breeding.
After Willie Lynch's speech there was a wave of brutal killings of black male slaves, and the subsequent beatings of surviving slave men created an internal fear among black men that many argue lasts in today's society. Is it possible, based on these factual situations that a logical argument can be made concerning why so many black men in America have little to no desire to work, and many never wear a tie? What do you think?
Written by Bee Quiet

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Barak Obama should nominate an African-American to the Supreme Court!

Many of the "anti-crime" policies implemented by America's 'legal eagles' over the past few decades have been blatantly racist against black people; primary cause for President Barak Obama to be thinking about appointing an African-American to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter. New York's infamous Rockefeller Laws, mandatory sentencing, and brutal prison policies, are but a few of the ways the American Justice System has disenfranchised black men. These factors begin to ring out loudly when understood on the backdrop of what Attorney General Holder noted about contemporary law enforcement: "We have often been a nation of cowards;" indicating the raw reality that discrimination remains a vital factor in the law today.
Having 'any old' African-American on the Supreme Court will not suffice this go around, especially since Chief Justice Clarence Thomas has not represented the specific interests of African-American people. A black judge who has demonstrated a capacity to empathize with issues that surround black men and women in America is vital in this selection. To provide a better understanding of my idea of a proper choice for Souter's replacement, I offer up a potential candidate, and will show you why I feel this way.
State of Michigan, 3rd District Circuit Court Judge Craig Stephen Strong has the right kind of history to be the nominee for the Souter seat. The following aspects of his biography indicate to me that he has enough 'swagga' (as T. J Holmes of CNN puts it) to fit the bill of a true representative of African-American culture: 1) he was raised on the "Old Westside" in Detroit, 2) he graduated from Howard University, 3) he was a founding member of the Association of Black Judges of Michigan, 4) he was part of the National Bar Association's delegation to South Africa, 5) he is an avid collector of African art and African-American memorabilia, 6) he was instrumental in establishing the Charles Wright African-American History Museum in Detroit, 7) he is a member of the NAACP, 8) he is a member of the Black United Fund of Michigan, and 9) he plays the sax. If that doesn't prove he is the man for the job I don't know what else does. Who would you nominate for the Supreme Court? P.S - If you had to pick and African-American!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Obesity and Global Warming? WTF!

According to researchers and scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: overweight people are partly responsible for Global Warming as a result of their producing more carbon emissions than slim people, because they consume more food and fuel. The authors of this study (Phil Edwards and Ian Roberts) argue in a paper submitted to The International Journal of Epidemiology, "when it comes to food consumption, moving about in a heavy body is like driving around in a gas guzzler." I can't begin to express how outraged I was at this analysis. There are so many gaps within this theory that are common sense I won't even try to mention here, but I will state a couple of holes that I would like to see addressed by these two scientists: 1) If half the world's population doesn't even eat on a normal level (some starving to death with over 6 billion people on the planet) then isn't it a false premise to state that food production is a problem when there isn't even enough for everyone, and 2) If most obese people are confined to home and bed (especially in the most severe cases), and rarely even leave the house, then how do you formulate the idea that heavy people are consuming gas.

Not only is their theory flawed, but they are comparing "the needed food production and transportation use between 2 populations of only 1 billion people (The United Kingdom of the 1970's, and a normal adult population with a BMI of 24.5 km/m2 and 3.5% obese). With this LIMITED group, these scientist are making the explosive claim that the latter group helps to build the current food production and transportation emmissions of the nearly 14% of green house gases produced by the two alone. These scientist do not take into consideration the greed of most of the Western world as it continues to over consume the vast majority of the world's resources (leaving many countries throughout Africa and other parts of the Eastern world disenfranchised), nor do they account for the thousands of daily flights that move on an international level. With the populations that were chosen for this particular study it is evident that these particular scientists were specifically looking to prove their egregious theory 'by any means necessary;' a flaw of many scientists. What's next: Women are leading to Whale extinction due to overproduction and overuse of make-up products? How egregious!

Written by Bee Quiet

Friday, May 1, 2009

What do you think about THE BLACK MAN?

In this particular view of the black man in American culture, I approach the resolution from a base set of principles: 1) There is value in ALL black men, regardless of situation, 2) ALL black men CAN change, and 3) ALL black men deserve an opportunity to correct personal flaw; as a result of slavery.

It goes without question that American born black men have acquired probably the most egregious reputation the world has ever witnessed, and even with Barak Obama helping to elevate our image both nationally and internationally we have a clearly renewed responsibility to correctively ward our regard. The urgency is apparent from a variety of dynamics, primarily as a result of the social accountability argument (so popular that it continues to galvanize mass American support), the quality of character preoccupation, and the new black female elite. There are no black men who I will specifically name or allude to within the context of this blog outside my polar right standard of positive black manhood Barak Obama, because there is no one to blame for what we have become. I have chosed to focus on a series of social behaviors, academic deficiencies, and negative cultural norms that we as black men have allowed to get out of control, and must formatively adjust in order to propel ourselves into the thick of 21st century American society as working partners with the rest of the people. Boundary-less aggression, societal pessimism, academic maladjustment, and community antagonism are all issues among black men that block our development within American society. If we as black men are to truly rewrite our legacy in an absolute fashion (having moved from the bullwhip to the White House), it will take a reinvestment in social awareness. Because I would like to seriously help correct the status of black men I ask all to comment on the following question so as to get a broader view of the issues surrounding the black man: WHAT IS YOUR VIEW OF THE BLACK MEN IN AMERICA?

Written by Bee Quiet