Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it childish for a "Grown Man" to play video games?

Playing video games have been one of the most enjoyable experiences for growing boys within the past two decades. Many are led to believe that parents are motivating this type of appetite in their boys (and girls in many situations) as a result of them wanting to occupy the time of their child, so as to keep them 'busy.' As a man who grew up playing all of the classics: Double Dribble, Zelda, Metroid, John Madden Football, Tecmo Bowl, Super Pac-Man, and many others, I can legitimately say that the motivation came from housing a competitive spirit that played out among my peers; not my parents. Like Pavlov's dogs, much of contemporary male behavior has been conditioned through the years of adolescents without any notable break, in many cases carrying over well into adulthood and video games happens to be one of the biggest. So the question is, do you think it is childish for a grown man to play video games?
In my opinion I believe that it is disrespectful to walk into a man's life and begin rearranging practices without taking into consideration that there is a conditioning that has gone on over some time. Many woman throw around the attack 'aren't you a grown man,' when they are confronted with situations such as men enjoying video games. It is important for those in relationships to be more empathetic to conditioned behavior, especially that of men playing video games. It would be ideal if more Americans found reading, gardening, hiking, or fishing more enjoyable of an experience, especially men who immerse themselves in video games. I don't believe it is childish for grown men to play video games, but I do think it is childish to not allow oneself to make changes for a relationships well being.

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