Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Going Back to Church! A Recipe for Empowerment!

It is high time that African-American's begin to seriously consider a resurgence in the greater church community so as to help propel our children into the 21st Century with a greater 'moral clock' then the last generation. The only way to INSURE an upward trend in our children taking the church more seriously is if parent's begin to work the church into their lives more intimately. One thing I fundamentally believe is that the vast majority of African-American parents wish the absoulute best for their children in the future of this country. Many of us know that the past few decades for our people in this nation has been tumultuous and we have not always held up the highest of standards among our own. Putting our trust in the Ministers and Ministries across the country with the purpose of teaching our children to listen to their inner moral clock better is worth our support and commitment; regardless of one's personal disagreements. Let me explain!

Though my beliefs tend to be very radical, I would never force my ideas on my children! What helped me survive in my time is not necessarily what my daughters and son will need for their own survival among the peers they compete with. Greater personal responsibility, multiculturalism, social and cultural acceptance of homosexuality, and an intense interest in technological advances are all part of the 'equipment' they will need in this century; all areas my generartion weren't particularly acculturated in. Though many of us parents take an interest in these areas some don't, but nonetheless we share the common thread of desire to make certain that our children are competitive in this millennium. One way to give then a decent foundation so that they avoid some of the pitfalls that our generation fell in (drugs, teenage pregnancy, clubbing) is to acculturate them into the sanctity of the religious experience through the teaching and social networks of the Christian church. A focus on humility, decency, abstinence, and the cherishing of one's body as a temple are all indicative of the Christian learning experience, and will greatly benefit our children's development of a quality moral compass. In this father's view it would be a recipe for empowerment if we collectively put more focus and commitment into the Christian church environment.

Written by Bee Quiet

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  1. I love this post. There is only one thing I can possibly add to it. That is that you are 100% correct, but on a level you are not aware of. If you take the "african" out of the "african-american" than you hit the nail even harder on the head. We all need this. Everyone should be hand-in-hand in their community and in their church. I swear, one day I hope I see our churches filling over with Americans of all nationalities. Imagine how easy it would be to stand united against the immorals of our world then.
    Love the post!