Thursday, May 7, 2009

The United Nations was asleep at the wheel? A theory!

Should the United Nations have anticipated Kim Jung-ill? The failed policies of Kim II-Sung in opting to advocate self-reliance under his Juche philosophy (shunning both Russian-styled Communism and United States-styled Capitalism), is directly responsible for the 1 million North Koreans who died of famine between 1996 - 1999. The Fascism adopted by Kim Jung-ill (similar to that of Adolph Hitler during his fierce Nazi-Propoganda campaign during the Reichtag years (1933 - 1945) was his answer to the outraged population he had to deal with due to his fathers mistake. Blaming the Free World for the tragedy that occurred under his rule within North Korea should have been anticipated by the United Nations. Now as the extremism is far out of control within North Korea (as indicated by it's refusal to follow the International rules outlined by the leaders of the Free World) the only measures that will 'chain' the aggression of Kim-Jung-ill without risking war is a covert operation designed at neutralizing Kim Jung-ill himself.

Similar to the campaign to capture and prosecute Manuel Noriega, Kim Jung-ill must be physically removed from power, and diplomatic efforts must be provided to the people of North Korea to assist them in establishing a government by and for themselves. Unfortunately it is the only course of action at the present moment to tame the commitment of North Korea to achieve nuclear weapons capability, mainly because their back is against the wall and this gives them a powerful voice to negotiate a powerful place within the world community.

Written by Bee Quiet

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