Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Absolute Praise to Single Parents!

It saddens me when the average cultural critic has a limited understanding of the full dynamic surrounding single custodial mothers (or fathers) who don't have the benefit of raising her (or his) child/children with the help of a counterpart. Unless one has been responsible for the day to day management of another 'life' that is totally dependent (and in constant need of love), then it is impossible for them to empathize with the plight. When tension rises within the household to the point where a custodial parent is set to 'implode' (an explosion affects the child's development and would be egregious). getting away for even a brief moment (to cool off) is not always a simple task. Many single parents make mistakes during these moments of 'extreme pressure' (some even showing out at a club after leaving their child/children with parents and some having unbridled sex to ease the inner rage), but the fact that they are teaching the next generation continuously, often escapes us. As a result of my desire to see all Americans develop cultrally, it is important to begin the process with complete respect and admiration for the single parents on the front line of American development.

With that said I would like to propose the following ideas to President Barak Obama and the greater American public (a plan that in my opinion complements the overall development of a better country):

1) Single parents (all of them regardless of culture) who are currently raising children should be granted welfare benefits to replace the absent 'counterparts' from their children's lives; while being able to build their own lives without regulation (I.e., being capable of working, going to school, or even marrying without their benefits being interrupted until the children turn 18)

2) American's who have lost their driving privileges should be exonerated of all charges and have their licenses reinstated (it is high time that driving become a right and not a privilage; the only thing that should affect an American's driving freedom is DUI)

3) Black American's should be granted as much assistance as possible to have access to higher forms of education (as replacement for the 40 acres and a mule promised).

4) America should become more competent by putting the best man/woman for the job in play; which can occur if our nation gets rid of the 'background check politics' that holds people accountable for things that happen in their past.

With these ideas infused into the Obama Administration thinking, I believe that American people can begin to develop a more quality culture over the next two decades.

Written by Bee Quiet

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