Wednesday, May 27, 2009

North Korea is Trojan Horse for Pearl Harbor-Styled Chinese Attack on America

It is inconceivable for 21st Century American's to believe that China is not consciously bound for world domination; which is the next logical step since their economy and technology has been outclassing the United States these past few decades. China is allowing North Korea to blatantly violate nuclear proliferation treaties, which can be seen in it's deafening silence to North Korea's nuclear testing and missle launches; prompting the question, why? I believe that because most of the world is aware that America is torn between two wars, while in the midst of tremendous strife, China is using American standards of international behavior to bait our country towards near collapse.

What is most conceivable on the current world landscape is that America's pre-emptive strike of Iraq under the Bush Administration created an 'outlaw' mentality among many nations around the world. Iran, North Korea, Israel, and Venezuela have all responded to the aggression America has shown; mind you, while being a weaker nation then we were during WWII. More powerful nations, namely China, must be (logically speaking) sitting back watching America maneuver it's position against these 'lesser' nations, laughing over the international chess board. So when China see's two nations that it has tremendous investments in fighting over an issue as controversial as nuclear weapons (where one nation has them and the other wants them), it is logical to conclude that China is plotting a course; what is that course?

I believe that course is world domination, and what better way to begin the specific process then by using North Korea as a Trojan Horse! It is my theory that North Korea is China's Trojan Horse in that if Kim Jung-ill can bait America into a war as our nation is already fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq it makes us vulnerable internationally. China wouldn't have to strike initally; all it would have to do is wait until Iran, and then Venezuela attacks, which leads us to the critical list. This is the point when China will break it's silence, pulling every nation to the table under the auspices of International peace. China would in fact be the power player without ever firing one shot. America should be increasing the demand from China to step up to the plate and force North Korea to stand down! America fighting with North Korea is in essence standing mesmerized around the Trojan Horse; which makes our nation weaker.

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