Sunday, May 10, 2009

Masculinism Theory: A 21st Century Rebirth

Navigating through contemporary American society is to traverse an 'emotional mine field,' laden with many scorned souls seeking a sense of personal justice for past wrongs. Ironically, much of the burdens that befall individuals who practice impopriety, in many cases invite deception; some going as far as to allow themselves certain indulgences as fodder to intense boredom. It is this phenomenon; bawdy, lascivious, salacious, and inviting, which is predominantly responsible for the rise of decadent behavior in this country. Spiked during Feminisms third wave, when redefined sexuality, bottled in micro-politics WET the earth with a massive deluge of 'emotion;' America now teeters on the precipice of social disaster. A rebirth of Masculinism is necessary in refocusing American values. Now because I understand that on the surface this will be a controversial theory I will ask readers to propose a theory as to how we can put America back on the path towards righteousness, before I go on with this theory. Feel free to comment:


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