Saturday, April 25, 2009


Some people have mastered the "plaster smile" in that every time you see them they're consistent expression begins to look more and more phony. Everyone may not see this as "scary" as I do, but personally I can't help wondering "does this person have any other emotions?" As a Beyonce critic ever since the "A-Bomb" SOLDIER, I can't remember a moment when Sasha Fierce showed anything off stage but a plastered smile; that is until recent months. This leads me to the question: Is Beyonce really happy?

Hailed as the "I'm every woman" of this era," (replacing the distraught Whitney Houston) Beyonce has probably influenced more American women then Michelle Obama. Even at the Inauguration some speculated that BEY was eyeing Barak, and possibly getting the First Lady jealous, which shows the "Sasha Fierce Effect" on American women. For a person to be held in such high regard it is not uncommon for them to maintain a certain disposition every time you see them no matter how they are "really feeling" (as in the case of Beyonce). So in pealing back some of the 'hype,' who is Beyonce; really?

A childhood prodigy of an intense father (similar to that of the Jackson's daddy), who clearly rebelled against her daddy's wishes (she married Jay Z), and promotes an alter ego; all signs of "internal emotional issues." The three most compelling pieces of evidence I have to support my theory are as follows: 1) the lyrics to FLAWS AND ALL, 2) Her emotional breakdown following the singing of the Etta James classic 'At Last,' and 3) the sheer passion on screen from her new movie Obsessed; all indications that the "I'm every woman" of this era is headed towards a major emotional breakdown. I could be wrong, but it would be wise for JAY and BEY to begin couseling just to be proactive. What do you think?

Written by Bee Quiet


  1. I think the chick needs 2 take a minute and step back and get some other interest because if she is not sausage farts her whole identity gets shaky. Either way it goes F her she ain't paying none of my bills.

  2. Me personally don't think anything is wrong with her. Let her have the "PLASTER SMILE." She is basically telling everyone that she doesn't want everybody and they momma knowing about her life. Maybe her and Jay-Z are proactive... you dont know because they don't want you to know... Basically... STOP BEING NOSEY...DUHHHH!!!!!!

  3. Even if there is something going on with her personally,maybe she should take a minute and step back for a while to deal with those issues.But to me,if there are some issues,she is doing what alot of women do,a damn good job hiding it.Maybe she don't want everybody in her bussiness.Who does?I think some of us just need to stop focusing on people to the point where you would even notice.

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  5. In some celebrity cases and non-celebrity cases, you may find that many of them wear a mask. The mask that places darkness on the lights, tops on the steamy pots, or sheets over their beds. You will never know until the sheets are pulled or if their unconscious is revealing this without their free will. Beyonce may be happy or sad. We will have to wait and see. I truly hope that there were no family secrets that will come unveiled in the future, but if it does, I hope that will change that mask that you are assuming that she wears. I hope and pray that she is happy, fruitful, blessed, and continue to represent for the LADIES.....

  6. You know Bee,
    You are always on point. I don't believe that she is happy. Its as if she is some kind of puppet. She has to do what the people in her life tell her to do. First her parents, now her husband. I don't think she is allowed to make her own decisions. The role she played in Dreamgirls best describes her life. She was able to slip into character easily because that's her.