Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holding On

Blissful basketball
Court is coming
Downtown for us all
Enlighten the people with information
From her house we were walking
Going to the store first for snacks
He got chips and juice for the game
I was elated to go with all my friends
Joyously he like her - kept following her the whole way
Kindly said she doesn't like basketball, and she did mean it
Loving him is hard, he wants you to like sports for real
Man was he pissed off at her not wanting her to be around
"No more time for her," he said at the game for all to hear
Out of the blue she cried very badly feeling very hurt and betrayed by him
People were asking her was she going to be ok now that he embarrassed her publicly
Quietly he just left and it was all over - she stayed and was consoled by her friends
Really crazy is what everyone began to say - and it was starting to spread all over the place
So everyone left the basketball game extremely puzzled not knowing what was really going on -
we were all confused
To most people who attended the game it was rather problematic that so much had happened
and no one knew
Understanding is what he really wants her to feel about sports and he can't seem to handle that
she is not
Very confused and hurt at heart were the two of them - not really knowing how to move
forward from where they were
When he finally broke down and called her apologizing for not being very kind and trying to
break her down she was happy
XOXOXO - MAUHHHH was her response as she laughed in joy over the phone wanting the
kindness that he was showing to last a lifetime
You are the love of my life she told him, now realizing that liking some of the things that he was
into wouldn't be bad
Zealously they continued their warm conversation until it was time for diner, and Mom yelled
upstairs "If you finished your homework then come down and eat."

The End

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