Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ifeoma's Fabulous Karma Fashion Show

Hosted by 2-Faced Monters the 'Skirts in the Streets' Event led with Bands that showcased classics like 'Wanted Dead or Alive'and 'Love is a Battle Field'; followed up by a Heavy Metal Group promoting "We like to B.A.N.G" (Bringing A New Government) - all kicking off the event in 'High Fashion'. Then a local a Hip Hop group came out doing a song called 'Drop It.' The fashion kicked off with 'Spaghetti -n- Lipgloss' who sent out a group of models sporting a line of fashion that was in a word 'Interesting' as indicated by one 'wardrobe malfunction' exposing too much!!! Another musical selection by Amanda singing an original song called 'I'll play your game' , followed by Bobby Pissola singing a song called 'One Love.' The Manneqin Boys bedazzled us with a line of alternative-trendy decorated shades. Another musical selection by Midnight Mossaic; keeping the night moving. Then a poet performing a melodic work. Finally Ifeoma's Fabulous Karma pushing a line of clothing designed for Full Figured women that the crowd went wild over.
Congratulations to all of the talented people working hard for the people!!!!

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  1. I am sorry I am just seeing this, but thank you for coming out and supporting our show. It's kind of late notice, but if you are available July 31 please come out and celebrate my launch party for Ms @ Fashion 40 me at 914 7332300 for press passes.

    ty mucho