Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Letter to Judge Patricia Cosgrove

Judge Patricia Cosgrove
209 S. High Street
Akron, OH 44308
(330) 643 - 2228

Re: A Citizen’s appeal for Ms. Kelly Williams - Bolar

Dear Judge Cosgrove:
I write this letter in the spirit of humility and empathy as an American Parent concerned about the potential for a national precedent being considered as a bi-product of your ruling in the case concerning Ms. Kelly Williams-Bolar. As parents we are working to secure our children within American Society by seeking out the most ideal academic situations as per our individual opinions and circumstances. This journey is laden with successes and misfortunes along the way, but one thing that holds us together is the knowledge that we are not alone; the surrounding village is there to help us along the way. Part of the village that we have always relied on have been the institutions; planned parenthood, social service agencies, and particularly the courts. This ruling (criminalizing a parent for finding a way to get her children in a good school) has the potential to undermine the efforts made by any parent that finds themselves in situations similar to that of Ms. Kelly Williams-Bolar. I appeal to the logic of your ruling Judge Cosgrove - is it really a felony for a parent (with the greatest of intentions) to secure placement for her children in a school district she concluded would provide the highest quality education (a district that she had a family member living in/the children‘s father)?
Based on the news report I read (http://antikryptos.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/black-mother-jailed-for-sending-kids-to-white-school-district-2/); understanding that it is a second hand source (I would like to know if you can send me any public court records concerning the case being discussed) - stated that Ms. Williams-Bolar was convicted of two counts of tampering with court records after registering her children for school. The sentence given for this conviction was 10-days in jail coupled with 3 years of probation (based on the fact that it was a felony charge). There are many American children who live between townships based on separations and divorces. Can a child NOT go to the library in the township of their non-custodial parent? It is unfortunate that these situations occur in our advanced society, but the fact remains that they do and I am of the view that our priority as a community is to the well being of the children. I implore you to reconsider this decision to jail and criminalize Ms. Williams - Bolar.
I pray that you consider changing your position on the case of Ms. Williams-Bolar. Please feel free to contact me at any of the following as I would appreciate the opportunity to further state my view that criminalizing Ms. Williams-Bolar only hurts the village: Bernard W. Clark - Address 1726 Dryden Way - Crofton - MD - 21114 - Phone # 973-901-7374 - Email Address: BClarkA30@yahoo.com.
Bernard W. Clark Jr.


  1. As a mother, I am outraged by Judge Cosgrove's draconian ruling in this case. The real crime here is regional racist disparities in education and lack of equal educational opportunity for all children in the United States.

  2. I would like to start an encourage campaign for Miss Williams-Bolar. If you find an address where we can send cards, etc., please contact me: deliciouslyme@gmail.com

  3. I am outraged at this. And I am further outraged that this judge dares place the blame for her bad ruling on the D.A.

    The D.A. is wrong too.

    The school system hired a private detective for this? Outrageous!

    I am sure her father pay's taxes. If the Children spend three or four nights a week in his home, they live there.

    I am sure the Mother pays taxes to the system, where she lives as well. She is not asking to be reimbursed for the offset.

    What a bunch of over zeleous crack pots.

  4. I am both appalled and disgusted by your ruling regarding Ms. Kelly Williams-Bolar. The father of the children lives (and assumedly pays taxes) in the school district in which his children were enrolled. It should not matter whether or not those children live with their father; those are HIS children. In addition, to make a felony out of a mother’s desperate attempt to make a better life for her children (and perhaps protect them from an untimely death) is a felony in and of itself. This woman should be championed as a hero! A mother who was and is willing to put her best interest on the line for the betterment of her children! Shame on you, Judge Patricia Cosgrove! You are definitely not for the power of the people! Let me ask you this, do your children attend violent and poverty stricken schools? My guess is no. Maybe what this woman did was not within the confines of the law, but my God, are you not a woman with compassion in your heart? Who did you hurt? You hurt a mother and two children. Take the money you saved on the tax dollars that were going to the school outside the mother’s district and multiply it by about 10. That is what you and the tax payers will now pay for the lost productivity that WOULD HAVE BEEN secured if those children stood at least half a chance.

    Dr. Jeanette Shutay

  5. The judge is white and probably liberal. Meaning she needs the democratic party to keep her position: overpaid, with rich benefits, early retirement and a cush pension. Thus, the Dems can't win without blacks. They must keep blacks uneducated, poor, and dependent...thems were two kids that had a chance to rise above the poverty level and they might leave the plantation.

  6. I just wanted to say how wrong the whole story of the mother that you sentenced to jail for trying to give her kids a better education was.

    We all deserve the same education by the public and if one education system is deemed better then another then that is where the courts should be working at fixing.

    Is it not true that the lady paid taxes to the school that she was supposedly to use?

    So her money went to that school, did it not?

    So is this not a wash?

    Why on earth would one try and make an example of this person for doing what all of us should do and that is use the best schools possible for our kids.

    Is it not called public schools?

    Why should we be held to certain schools and why are not all schools the same?

    So again I believe you should have gone after the school system and not a parent just trying to do best for their kids…


    Lindel Creed

  7. I can tell ya right now you will not be re-elected by the people of Ohio. I guarantee you Ms. Cosgrove, you might as well be planning your retirement. What makes this case even worse is that you are a woman...
    Thank God for facebook and other media outlets to share stories of outrage such as this one, so people may become more educated about who they choose for public office.
    Now the Gov of Ohio is getting involved. Thank God someone who will have some sense to help this poor woman.
    You know what they say 'Karma is a Bitch"...
    Debbie Draper Wimsatt

  8. Reading your bio Judge Cosgrove, I found that you "are proud to be one of the three Summit County Common Pleas Court Judges to participate in the ReEntry Court Program for convicted felons. This program is dedicated to helping individuals returning from prison make a successful transition back into society by addressing issues of employment, housing, and substance abuse"...However Judge Cosgrove; Ms. Williams-Bolar is NOT a criminal. She was taking the initiative to provide a better life for her and her children. She understands the importance of an education and had taken it upon herself to ensure her children got one. Further more you want to discredit all Ms.Williams-Bolar has worked for by denying her the right to teach in the state of Ohio and most likely any other state because she is according to you, maybe a miniscule part of society she is a felon. How can you a supposed educated woman entrusted by her community be counted on to do what is right for a community when you punish a single mother working to improve the lives of her children as well as her own. The woman is trying to be a teacher...a "nation builder" if you will. Individuals do not go into teaching for the pay. They go into teaching because they are good people who care about the future of this country...and time and time again individuals like you do a disservice to all of us when in "upholding the law" you destroy the lives, future of an innocent family doing their best to make a better life for themselves. You can help Ms.Williams-Bolar by not sending her to jail and you can help all of us by retiring from the courts.